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We sold for £70k more than one of the agent valuation and saved £7,000 in fees!”

Lucy Pedler told us how she went about selling her rental investment.

We needed to sell this property in London because we no longer lived in it. It was rented out, but it had become too hard to manage the tenants as we were now living outside London.

 It was the first time we had sold privately but we had no reservations - it seemed like an obvious solution to paying estate agents money for old rope. Once we’d decided to go it alone, we did some research on the Internet and the information on HouseWeb’s site was very clear and understandable, so we decided to sign up for their services. 

As we weren’t living in the house, we had to think about how we were going to conduct the viewings. Fortunately, our tenants have been great and so we decided to pay them to show prospective buyers around. So although we did have an initial outlay, it was more than compensated for by the £7K we saved by selling it privately. 

The whole process was much less stressful than using an agent, as we weren’t relying on agents ‘untruths’ about the progress of the sale. Also at the time we had two valuations, one at £650,000 and one at £710,000 and we sold for £720,000, so that was a bit of a result!

I would recommend anyone selling property to try HouseWeb.


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