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Helen Woodbine from Banbury had always used estate agents and had a slight concern, as many people do, that as she was not an agent she maybe was not “qualified” to sell her own home. She was delighted to discover, like many others, that it was far easier than expected. Her experience with HouseWeb was stress-free and the result was a quick sale - from start to finish in five weeks.

Helen told us:

"When I realised that Estate Agents were asking for between 1.5% and 2% commission, I decided to try to sell my home privately. I thought HouseWeb was a brilliant concept. One great advantage is that they target a far greater area than Estate Agents, who only deal locally. The other benefit is I saved £2,700!

Creating the advert was very easy. I followed the instructions and everything just fell into place. HouseWeb were incredibly helpful - nothing was too much trouble for them. When I lost my first buyer, I sold again within a week.

Helen's tip for a successful sale is "Keep in contact with your buyer. Be as helpful as you can and most of all, be honest!"


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