HouseWeb Testimonials

We were recommended HouseWeb by a friend and sold within a week! 

Christopher Jones from West Yorkshire told us how he sold within a week after local estate agents had mocked his decision to sell privately….. 

“We decided to sell our house because we needed more space – we wanted to move into a larger house that had a separate dining room and an extra bedroom. We hadn’t sold privately before, but I was talking to someone at work who had sold his house on HouseWeb and I thought the risk of signing up was minor compared to the potential savings. We didn’t even look at other sites because it was HouseWeb specifically who had been recommended to me. Setting the advert up was as simple as it could have been. 

We had the house valued by estate agents and actually sold for £2,000 more than their valuation. Plus we sold within a week and saved ourselves £4,000 in agent’s fees.

And it proved much less stressful than selling with an agent, although we did find that the estate agents weren't particularly friendly to us when they knew we were selling our house privately. Some openly mocked us, one quote being "Give us a call in a few weeks when you find you can't sell your house." Maybe I should give them a call, just to let them know how quick and easy it was!  

I think the key to selling successfully is to know your market. We were confident that the type of house we were selling would appeal to people who are familiar with the Internet. We studied the market and knew exactly where we were positioned in it. Without that knowledge you may not make as much money as you could.

If I knew anyone who was about to put their house on the market with an estate agent I would say “Forget it. It's a dying industry that rips you off and doesn't have your interests at heart”


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