HouseWeb Testimonials

“I would certainly recommend HouseWeb and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.”

Pat Hart from Northamptonshire told us about how she successfully downsized… 

“We decided to move house as we were ready to downsize. We hadn’t sold privately before, but as soon as we decided to move, I contacted HouseWeb as I had dealt with them before on a previous property purchase. The advert was easy to do and the staff were all very helpful. We had the house valued by agents and sold in fact for £5,000 more than they forecast. It took about 4 months and we saved ourselves £3,500. 

I would suggest to anyone thinking of selling a property to try HouseWeb first, particularly if you are in an area where other houses are for sale and potential buyers will be able to compare. Apart from the savings you can make, it’s also less stressful - it cuts out the confusions there are with the estate agent acting as a third party. 
My tip for a successful private sale would be to let the prospective buyer know exactly what your limits are and be firm but pleasant. 

I would certainly recommend HouseWeb to my family and friends, and wouldn't hesitate to use them again - the whole process was entirely painless!”


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