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“We sold in 16 days and saved around £4,000 in fees!”

Annette Warwick from the East Midlands told us about her first experience of selling privately. 

“We were selling the house as a family member had moved out to a bungalow and when we read an article in a home improvements magazine the decision was made to sell privately. We had previous dealings with estate agents, none of whom we thought were worth the fee paid to them. 

We chose HouseWeb because they were mentioned in a magazine article and when visiting the site it was easy to understand. Putting the advert together was easy and when I got a bit 'stuck' loading the pictures, I made a quick phone call to Customer Services and they helped within minutes. 

We had no reservations at all about going it alone and were prepared to give it an initial month and then review depending upon the interest we receive. Well, we were right not to worry – we initially sold in 11 days, but the buyers were unable to sell their house. We then put it back on the market and  had a second firm offer in 16 days.  

You do learn from experience and looking back I was a little naive and withdrew the house from the market after the first firm offer had been received. In retrospect, as the buyers were not able to proceed, I should have left it on. For me, the whole process could have been a lot quicker as I was waiting for them to find a buyer which they never did. 

I would advise anyone to give this method a go initially - you can always resort to an agent at a later date, but if you are successful through the web you can save yourself 1,000's of pounds. We saved around £4,000 in fees. I also found that by keeping in full and direct contact with everyone, always being aware of what is happening at all stages, proved a lot less stressful than using an agent.”



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