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 HouseWeb Testimonials

If you are thinking about advertising your property on HouseWeb, here is just some of the feedback our customers have been telling us. Click on the quotes to read about their experience.

"I feel a great sense of achievement!"
Mary Jo Bishop, London

"Selling privately was a breeze!"
Suzanne Jordan, Essex

"Thank you for your help and excellent service!"
Kate Field, West Midland

"We had nothing to lose but everything to gain by going it alone!"
Jane King, Essex

"We saved about £2,000 and a lot of hassle!"
Simone, London

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"I decided to try selling privately after advertising the property with a local Estate Agent for over a year without success!"
Philip Condie, Kent

"It was definitely easier to sell privately!"
Mr. and Mrs Smith, Yorkshire

"The For Sale Board was great - it generated all the local enquiries!"
Mr. and Mrs Radnor, Lancashire

"We sold our house using HouseWeb in a very difficult and declining housing market and saved £5,000 in fees!"
Ivan Coleman, Leicestershire

"Selling privately was no more stressful than selling through an agent, plus it gave me a warm feeling to save over £5,000!"
Michael Parker, Wales

"The HouseWeb site is operated in such an efficient manner, it almost defies description!"
William Burns,  Lancashire

"I would challenge any Estate Agent to tell me what services they offer vendors to justify all the extra costs!"
Mrs Linda Bonehill, West Midland

"From previous dealings with estate agents, they really do very little!"
Pritesh Mistry, Essex

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"I could not recommend HouseWeb strongly enough - a fantastic site packed with all the information you need!"
Amanda & Stephen, Manchester

"My advice to anyone thinking of signing up with and estate agent is don't bother unless you are in a really big hurry to sell - use HouseWeb!"
Mrs Augustin, London

"It's a great way to sell a house - we will be spending the money saved on a months' holiday in the Far-East!"
Mr. and Mrs Harman, Norfolk

"I was very pleased with HouseWeb. They were friendly and easy to deal with. I would definitely thoroughly recommend and use them again!"
Mr. Stracey, Dorset

"Your customer care is one of the best I have ever come across!"
Mr. B Ferraille, Suffolk

"Explore the HouseWeb method first!"
Mr. Tunnicliffe, Shropshire

"I achieved a saving of around £12K by selling privately using HouseWeb!"
Mrs Freeman, Cambridgeshire

"The process of putting my advert on the site was enjoyable and straightforward!"
Martin Vintner-Jackson, Hertfordshire, London

"The whole experience with HouseWeb demonstrated how customer service should be!"
Jim Martin, London

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"We sold within a week to the first couple who viewed!"
Mr & Mrs Markman, Berkshire

"My partner saw an article in a magazine - HouseWeb just looked the best!"
Vicky Robinson, Greater Manchester

"We sold in 6 weeks and saved £7,000!"
Mr & Mrs Bache, Gwent

"We sold our property three days after the board was erected!"
Jean Edwards, Cheshire

"Selling privately saved us around £3,000 in Estate Agent fees!"
Claire Allen, Hertfordshire

"Great site, great service, great price!"
Eoin O'Connor, Kent

"The agents had valued the property at £300,000 and we sold for £325,000!"
Tim Twist, Derbyshire

"Definitely get the "For Sale" sign as this does get enquiries!"
Lesley Newton, Middlesex

"Don't bother with an Estate Agent - you can do the job yourself!"
Paul Hellyer, Durham

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"We sold our house from start to completion in under 4 months and saved at least £1,800!"
Andrew Allcock, Birmingham

"We found HouseWeb both helpful and affordable for selling abroad!"
Geoffrey Maughan, Spain

"HouseWeb is fantastic!"
Eoin O'Connor, Canterbury

"We were recommended HouseWeb by a friend and we sold within a week!"
Christopher Jones, West Yorkshire

"We sold for £70K more than one of the agent valuation and saved £7,000 in fees!"
Lucy Pedler, London

"A friend of mine had previously used HouseWeb, so I had a look on the internet and was impressed with the web site!"
John Skipsey. Tyne and Wear

"I would certainly recommend HouseWeb and wouldn't hesitate to use them again!"
Pat Hart, Northamptonshire

"I am so pleased to have saved myself £6,000 in fees!"
Cassandra, London

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"Everything the estate agent said he would be doing to effect the sale, I managed to do perfectly well with no training and managed to save £7,500 in fees!"
James, Cornwall

"The savings I have made from not using an estate agent almost pay for my move to Canada!"
Bill Thompson, Buckinghamshire

"Instant help and friendly advice available, just a phone call away!"
Hazel Warmer, Lancashire

"Having just sold my house through HouseWeb, for the full asking price, I am absolutely delighted!"
Howard Scannell, London

"We sold in 16 days and saved around £4,000 in fees!"
Annette Warwick, East Midland

"It's all about marketing - you need to get the advert in front of as many people as possible!"
Howard Yates, Redbridge

"Thank you for an excellent service!"
Loraine Delgado, Chesterfield

"I had offers within one week and many offers to "gazump" since!"
Rod Johnson, Kent

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"We plan to sell another property next year using HouseWeb!"
Christopher Tozer, Gwent

"We sold within a week, offer accepted within 8 days!"
Paul Meadows, Northamptonshire

"An experience I will always have pleasant memories of, and whenever I sell I will be back to HouseWeb!"
Mr Harvey, Worcestershire

"We sold on HouseWeb in 6 weeks, saved £2,600 in fees and endured less stress!"
Mr Monworth, Hertfordshire

"Sold within two weeks of putting my advert on your site!"
Jim Cummings, North Yorkshire

"Sell privately, it is easy and so much less stressful...and rewarding!"
Peter McGee, London

"Setting up the advert on HouseWeb was easy-peasy - no problems!"
Linda Jones, West Sussex

"I hope estate agents' days are numbered!"
Cindy Creedon, Dorset

"The fee of £158,99 inclusive of the For Sale Board made a lot of sense, so it was a case of WHY NOT!"
Brian Travers, Bexley

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"Estate Agents wanted nearly £3,000 to sell my flat - I paid HouseWeb £160"
Karen Roger, Buckinghamshire

"We sold through HouseWeb despite being in Australia the whole time!"
Mr R. Alston, London SE22

"Thank you to all at HouseWeb for all your help and assistance over the whole process!"
Mr J. Dickinson, Lancashire

"The house was sold within 8 days of the "For Sale" board going up!"
Paul Meadows, Northamptonshire

"We sold both our houses at one and saved £6,225!"
Andy Wilson, Lincolnshire

"We definitely chose the right tool for selling our house!"
Ron and Linda Thomas, Middlesex

"I came across HouseWeb and I liked the look of the site!"
Joanne Hammond, West Midland

"We saw a write up of HouseWeb in the "Mail on Sunday" and thought why not give it a go!"
Jason Frost, West Sussex

"We're glad that we did it and we'll do it again!"
Rachel Lane, Oxfordshire

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"I will never use an estate agent again!"
Nicholas Turner, Essex

"We sold within 4 months for £11,500 more than the estate agent's valuation!"
Roger Traves, Dorset

"Estate agents fees are exorbitant - we saved about £8000!"
Ken Sunshine, Buckinghamshire

"We stood to save thousands! - and did - £4,000"
Terry and Eve Humphries, West Sussex

"I've used HouseWeb twice now and been successful on both occasions!"
Louise Bhatti, Watford  

"How could we sell our house for £158.99? But we did and we are very glad we found HouseWeb!"
Keith Harris, Cardiff

"To anyone thinking of using an estate agent, I would say "Think again, PLEASE! Don't throw away your hard earned money!"
Richard Ward, Southampton

"HouseWeb's service is very good - I didn't expect to speak to a human being!"
Beverley Ward, Lincolnshire

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"Try selling privately - you've got nothing to lose and so much to gain"
Adam Kelly, London  

"My tip for selling privately - Use a good site, like this one!"
Julie Bottazzi, London  

"I can honestly say I would not use estate agents again!"
Christine Jackson, Milton Keynes  

"I have recommended selling the HouseWeb way to various people!"
Lynn Goodwin, Colwyn Way  

"HouseWeb have been most helpful and pleasant people to deal with!"
David Holden, London

"I found it a very easy way of selling a property and would certainly use this site again!"
Lynne Hammond, Norfolk

"I got my buyer within 14 days!"
Ruth Valentine, London

"The whole process was much less stressful than using an estate agent!"
Chris and Gilly Simmonds, Oxfordshire

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"The For Sale sign outside my house generated about 50% of the enquiries!"
Heather Matthews, Suffolk

"I'm so pleased that I chose HouseWeb. I recommend it to everyone I know who is selling, or thinking of selling a property!"
Mike Stanway, Northumberland

"We sold our house within 3 weeks!"
Jane Poole, London SW12

"An excellent site and phone service!"
Rachel Knight, Warwickshire

"Our buyers made their first enquiry about the house within only a few hours of my posting the property description!"
Susanna Wakeham, Devon

"We saved ourselves £5,700 in agents'fees and sold for approximately £10,000 more than the lowest agent's valuation!"
Doreen and Roy Voak, West Sussex

"We sold our house within 4 hours AND saved £8,500. The estate agent valued our house at £35,000 less!"
Rodney Lea-Howarth, London N10

"Try HouseWeb First! You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain!"
Mark Thompson, Derbyshire

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"We sold two properties within two weeks!"
Peter and Maggie Zimmerman, Hertfordshire

"Thanks again for such a professional and efficient service!"
Christina Hoaran, Gloucestershire

"£5,200 saved and less stress all rounds!"
Mr Meilack, Hampshire

"Sold within one week!"
Heather, Scotland

"How satisfying and simple it was to sell privately!"
Jennifer Deere, Wales

"I choose HouseWeb as it looked the best site!"
George, West Midlands

"I was able to arrange viewings to suit me and there were no time wasters!"
Frances, London

"We'd advertised with estate agents a year before and the service we received was very poor. I knew I could do it better myself!"
Paul, Leicestershire

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"Without the middle man, things are much easier!"
Genesan, East Yorkshire

"We estimated that we saved £10,000 overall by selling using HouseWeb!"
David Wakelin, Worcestershire

"We had three offers within 2 weeks and saved about £8,000!"
Sandra, Buckinghamshire

"Using HouseWeb couldn't have been easier. Within hours of putting up a "FOR SALE" sign, we received a call from a potential buyer!"
Sharon Leighton, Hertfordshire

"We had three offers within 2 weeks and saved about £8,000!"
Mr & Mrs Briffa, East Sussex

"Thank you HouseWeb - an excellent website. Carry on the good work!"
Shirley Blackwell, Kent

"Save money, open your property to a much wider audience through the net and reap the rewards of peace of mind, less stress and extra money in your pocket."
Vic Williams, Bedfordshire

"We saved ourselves much stress and about £5,000!"
Mrs Jamieson, Devon

"The HouseWeb website is user friendly, easy to navigate and the helpline is excellent!"
Tim Coleman, Lincolnshire

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"I thought the whole process was less stressful than using an agent!"
Molly, Kent

"Advertised on HouseWeb on Sunday - sold the following Wednesday!"
Samantha Gower, Brighton 

"We sold in 6 weeks and saved £3,000!"
Debbie Hollands, Taunton 

"Jo saved a massive £14,000 in fees and sold her country house near Shrewsbury with little effort!"
Jo, Shrewsbury 

"We sold in 3 weeks and saved £6,000!"
Mr Clarke, London 

"We saved £6,000 by selling privately!"
Mrs Thomas, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire 

"I had a buyer on day three and an offer on day six!"
Mrs Clifton, Witton le Wear, Durham 

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"We had a buyer within three weeks of advertising!"
Mr and Mrs Mattingley, Reading, Berkshire 

"We got an extra £5,000 PLUS the £6,000 which we saved by not giving it to an agent!"
Mrs Renders, Wilmslow, Cheshire 

"When the agents said things were slow, we were still getting plenty of enquiries from our HouseWeb advert!"
Mrs Booth, Chesham, Buckinghamshire 

"This was the first time I had sold privately!"
Mr. Ketteridge, Ivinghoe Aston, Buckinghamshire

"We sold our house within two months...and we could have sold it three times!"
Mrs Bird, Felixtowe 

"My advice when selling open and honest and flexible with viewings."
Brian Harrison, County Durham 

"HouseWeb is good value for money - we spent £150 and saved over £3,500 in Estate Agents fees."
Lee Bateup, Wiltshire 

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"The internet changes everything. Bad news for Estate Agents; good news for me!"
Mark Sutherland, Yorkshire 

"The negotiation was easy. Why pay someone a small fortune to do it for you?!"
John Hammond, Cheshire 

"Using HouseWeb was a lot less stressful than using an agent."
Richard Tribe, Southampton 

"The HouseWeb For Sale Board was the key."
Brett Norris, Bristol 

"I'd whole-heartedly recommend advertising solely with HouseWeb"
Sharon Butteriss, Cambridgeshire 

"I saved £2,750 and could have sold my flat three times over!"
Tom Walton, Nottinghamshire

"Excellent service I sold in two weeks...I saved over £10,000 in fees"
Melanie Hutchinson, Old Portsmouth, Hampshire

"My two estate agents were disastrous whilst HouseWeb saved me £6,400"
Tim Blower, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

"We received an offer within two weeks of placing the advert"
Martin Doorley, London SE5

"Selling with HouseWeb was less stressful as we were in control"
Steve Worley, Halesowen, West Midland

"I strongly recommend you give HouseWeb a try"
Helen Woodbine, Banbury, Oxfordshire

"HouseWeb was better then my Estate Agent"
Lucy, Worcester

"Great Service! HouseWeb coverage is excellent and I sold in 3 weeks"
Rob Walker, Wokingham, Berkshire

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"I decided to sell our house using HouseWeb after estate agents failed to sell our property"
Mr Osborne, Tavistock, Devon

"I am sorry we didn't decide to use HouseWeb earlier"
Mr J Doorley, Rugby

"Straightforward and easy,  plenty of help and support. I saved over £5,000"
Mr Robert, Forest Row, East Sussex

"I canít even begin to tell you how many enquiries we got - it was unbelievable!"
Colette Van Der Pluym, Epsom, Surrey

"Our property sold in 10 days and we saved £8,000. We would recommend HouseWeb to everyone"
Nick Sambrook, Eckington, Worcestershire

"I advertised on Friday and accepted an offer the following Wednesday....."
Mrs Sue Douglas, Luton, Bedfordshire

"We saved £7,000 with HouseWeb after the estate agent failed to sell our house"
Alice & David Neaves, Ely, Cambridgeshire  

"The whole process was so easy and we saved over £4,200"
Paul & Maggie Woodruff, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

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"We accepted an offer in just two weeks"
Chris Nelms, Whitchurch, Hampshire

"Get a Virtual Tour - We sold our house almost straight away..."
Rosalyn Hamblett, Redhill, Surrey

"I sold my house on HouseWeb in FOUR days,"
Denise Patterson, Redhill

"We had the first viewer within 2 days....,"
Mrs Allsopp

"Simon Cummins had no problems selling his house & saved £5,000,"
The Independent

"It was just so easy!"
Sunday Times

"John Baines saved more than £2,000 advertising on HouseWeb,"
Mail on Sunday

"The phone didn't stop ringing & we've found a buyer very quickly,"
Jo Anido Tasende, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

"I was so impressed by the quality of enquiries through HouseWeb,"
Mrs Walker, Leeds

"I got serious buyers through HouseWeb and found them quickly,"
Vom Eskes, Slough

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