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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are explanations for some of the questions that you may have about HouseWeb's property service.

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Section 1 - Overview

How much money can I save?

Customers are saving an average of 4,500. However, it could be a lot more depending on the price of your property and the commission your local estate agent would charge you. To find out exactly how much you could save, click here to try HouseWeb's Savings Calculator.

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How much does it cost to advertise my property?

Our "Standard" package costs 195. We also offer additional packages at 295 and 395 (see ). You can also order a customer printed professional For Sale Board, an EPC, floorplans and photos if required. Please click here to view the different advertising packages. There is no commission and nothing to pay when the property is sold.  

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Is HouseWeb an estate agent?

No. HouseWeb is a publisher, but works with leading online agents to give your property the widest coverage.

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Should I tell my estate agent?

Yes. We recommend that you agree in advance with your agent that they cannot charge commission if you sell privately and have this written into the terms of your agency contract. This will avoid any misunderstanding over commission at a later date.

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What about Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

All properties require an EPC. We have teamed up with a leading national EPC supplier. Check out our EPC Guide.

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Section 2 Submitting a property

How do I submit a property?

Click on "sell your home" in the navigation bar and then "submit property" in the sub-menu. Register or sign in if you are already registered. Next, select where you property is based on the map. You will then be taken to the "Submit a Property" page. Complete the advertising form, filling in the required fields as a minimum. You can add or edit any details after submitting. When you have filled out the form click on the "Submit my Property" button. Your property will only be submitted to HouseWeb at this point. You should then see an acknowledgement page with a property ID. number if your property was successfully posted. After payment is received your advert  will be checked by us prior to appearing live on the site.

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Why do I need a For Sale Board?

Combining a "For Sale" sign with your Internet marketing can help increase the chances of selling your property by up to 60%. Research has shown that properties with For Sale signs can sell up to twice as quickly.

This professionally and personally-designed colour sign offers the following benefits:

  • Attracts local and non-internet house-hunters.
  • Personalised with your choice of telephone number (home or mobile)
  • Personalised with your property number to ensure people find your property fast on HouseWeb.
  • Double-sided for maximum impact.
  • Waterproof, high-quality material - similar to an estate agent's sign.
  • Comes complete with assembly instructions (excluding the post).
  • Delivered to your door, by Royal Mail. (Please allow up to 7/10 working days).
  • Meets the regulation "For Sale" board size (815mm * 610mm).
  • Price includes VAT, postage and packaging (but excludes post).

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How do I pay for my advert?

You can pay online by credit or debit card here  
If you prefer you can also contact Customer Services direct on 0845 003 0720 during office hours (9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) and pay over the phone. For more information on how to pay and to pay by phone please click here.  

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Do I have to use my real name?

No. Even if you use your real name when you register (which we recommend), you do not have to use your real name when you submit a property. The advert will simply publish whatever you put in the field. If you feel more comfortable, you can use a nickname or pseudo name.  

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Are my personal details secure?

Yes, we never pass on your details to other companies, our systems are secure and we only display the telephone numbers you choose. We never display your email address. To see our privacy policy, just click here.

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What should I put in the "Property Description" box?

Please describe the property with as much detail as you can, remember that you have a maximum of 6000 characters available. For readability, ensure you use headings, line and paragraph breaks. Try to mention the different rooms and features in and around your property. You may want to mention about the locality. Also, take a look at some other adverts if you need ideas of what else to add. More help on property descriptions is available on the form when submitting your property.  

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Why didn't my advert show up?

If you have just submitted your advert, it will not be live on the site until we have received payment. You can still modify it however by logging into MyHouseWeb.
If your advert has already been turned live, you may find that either you were in the wrong section or you specified search criteria that don't appear in your advert. If so, please verify that you are in the correct section and then broaden your search by leaving more of the search field's blank.  

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I can't find my advert on external sites?

(Please note: We find that 99% of all these queries are due to a customer using the search facility incorrectly on the external site! If you are having trouble finding your property, please ensure you are searching correctly.)  
Firstly, check to make sure that the package you have purchased includes the marketing of your property on external sites. If it does not, you can upgrade your package here. Secondly, please check your advert details are correct. Your property will be rejected on external sites if you have done any of the following in your advert:

  • Included any text (other than a currency symbol) in the price field
  • Put your contact details in the Property Description box
  • Provided a partial or incorrect post code

If you have only recently submitted or modified your advert, please allow up to 72 hours for your advert to reach external sites. Some of the sites we send your property details to  add it to additional sites they work with. As a result this can take up a few more days for this to happen. Please be patient before contacting Customer Services. If you really do feel there is an issue, please use the contact form in My HouseWeb giving as much details as possible and we will investigate for you.  

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What about photos?

Photos are the most important part of your advert. It's the first thing people look at and makes or breaks whether they read on. Bad photos are worse than no photos, so make sure your pictures really do your property justice or they won't sell your home.

Here are some simple tips for taking the best photos:  


This should be the main photo of your advert. If you use an interior photo, people will assume that the front of the property doesn't look good.

  • Take photos on a sunny day. If the sun has gone on holiday, put up the best photo you can now and replace it with a brighter one on a clear day.
  • Don't forget the garden! If you have a photo with everything in bloom, even better.


  • Make sure the rooms are free of clutter. The room should look ready for a viewing.
  • Ensure curtains are open.
  • Turn on any lights to add brightness to the room.
  • Use the flash to add light, but avoid pointing your camera directly at a window as your image will turn out darker.
  • Take photos during the daytime

It is also good to ask a friend which photos they like the best - an independent eye can help.

How many?
We recommend at least 6, but the more the better. As a bare minimum you should have:

  • Front of the property
  • Kitchen
  • Main Bathroom
  • Main Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room (if applicable)
  • Garden (if you have one)

For larger houses, you should also take photos of additional bedrooms, offices, summer house and any other selling features such as gym, swimming pool, sauna etc.  

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How do I add or change photos on my advert?

Once you have submitted your property, you are given the option of adding photos to your advert. You have two options:

1) If you have the photos electronically (e.g. scanned photo or digital camera picture), you can add them to your advert in MyHouseWeb, using the Add photos link. They will in turn be approved by Customer Services within 24 hours.. 

  • Sign in with your email and password  
  • Click on Add Photos
  • Add each photo individually (they will appear on the bottom waiting to be approved)  

2) If you only have printed photos of your property we recommend scanning them. If you don't have a scanner, your local print shop can do this for you.  

You can add, sort or change photos at any time in "My HouseWeb".  

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How many photos can I display?

Different advertising packages allow you to add a different number of photos. To find out which package is most suitable for you, please view the Advert Features and Pricing chart. You can also purchase additional photos for 10 each or a set of 10 photo with our photo pack at 59.

We recommend displaying as many photos as possible as 98% of buyers have stated that they are the most important aspect of the advert when looking at a property. 

Your main photo will be displayed at the top of your advert. Additional photos are displayed in their own window when a buyer clicks on the "More Photos" link.  

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HELP! I am having problems adding a photo to my advert.

The Image Requirements  
The image type must be in  .JPG or .GIF format (JPG (or JPEG) is the norm for photos). Make sure your image isn't too large (over several Mb). If your photo dimensions (pixels) are very large, they will be automatically scaled down to fit your advert when you add them. Depending on the size of your photo and the speed of your Internet connection, it may take a minute or two to add your image. If all else fails, you can email them to us at with your advert number.

If you are using a PC, you can find out the file size of your image is by locating it on your computer, right-clicking on the image and selecting "Properties". 

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What do I do if my photo image is too big?

Method 1 (recommended)  
Reduce your image quickly by using Image Optimizer. Once you image is optimised, save it to your computer and add it in My HouseWeb.

Method 2  
1. Within your imaging software such as Paint, Photoshop, PaintShop etc, open up your saved image file.  
2. Go to the help option on the tool bar.  
3. Within the help option you should be able to search for "pixels".
4. The results of the search should list how to resize in pixels. If your photo is larger than 800*600 pixels, try resizing it to 800 pixels on the longest length, remembering to keep the proportions (there should be a checkbox option to keep proportions). Also, you can try cropping your photo to remove any unnecessary borders - this will also reduce the file size.  
5. Save your new image into a folder/memorable location on disc or your pc.  
6. Go to the My HouseWeb page  

  • Sign in with your email and password.  
  • Click on 'Add Photos'.  
  • Add each one in turn (They will appear at the bottom of the screen under "Photos Awaiting Approval")  
  • If the order of the photos is not as you would like to see them you can sort them by using the Up and Down arrow once they have been approved.  

A message will say whether your image has been added successfully.

If you receive an error message, this means that your photo upload has been unsuccessful. Please refer to the notes above.

Should you still have problems, please contact us at or call 0845 003 0720 during office hours.    

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I've added my photos - Why are they not showing with my advert?

All photos have to be approved by HouseWeb before they appear on the advert. Please allow one working day for this. It could also be that your photos did not upload properly. If you cannot see it in "photos awaiting approval" in MyHouseWeb, then you will need to try again or email them to HouseWeb Customer Services.  

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Do I need a EPC?

Yes. Check out our site at

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Section 3 Searching for a property

How do I search for a property?

By clicking on "search property" in the navigation, you will see a number of options, such as "For Sale" and "To Rent". If you click on one of these links, you will then be taken to the front page of that section, where you can search for properties within that section.   

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Why didn't my search turn up any matches?

Your search criteria may have been too narrow. Go back to the search form and leave more of the search fields blank, or click on the "New Search" button and do a general search. For the broadest possible search, simply click on the "See All Ads" button.  

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How do I navigate the search results page?

You can quickly re-sort your results in different ways by clicking on the category headers at the top of the results i.e. Town/City, Price, Borough. To see more of your search results, you can click on the "View the Next 10 Properties" button beneath the table or use the navigation bar beneath this button.  

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How do I see the full details for a particular ad?

Simply click on the "Full Details" link or the photo.  

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How do I contact someone about a particular property?

 At the bottom of the advert you will see the "Contact Information" section. If the vendor has chosen to display their telephone number(s) it will be listed here. Alternatively, click on the "Send an Enquiry" link and you will be presented with an enquiry form. Fill this out and your message will be e-mailed to the vendor. Should you wish to be contacted by phone, please put your telephone number with your message.

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Section 4 Using MyHouseWeb (Once you have an advert with HouseWeb).

My e-mail address has changed. What do I need to do?

You continue to sign in to MyHouseWeb with your original email and password. You will need to change your email in the contact field of your advert to your new one to ensure you continue to receive enquiries as well as communication from HouseWeb.   

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I've forgotten my password. How do I sign in?

If you ever forget your password, at the sign-in screen, you can click on the Forgot Your Password? button. When the next screen comes up, enter your user name on the form and click on the "Submit Search" button. The script will e-mail your password to the e-mail address that you used when registering your account.  

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Are my sign in details case-sensitive?

No. Your sign in details are not case-sensitive.  

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How do I renew my ad?

Simply go to your "My HouseWeb" page, 

  • Sign in with your email and password
  • Click on Renew Now.  
  • Your property will now be renewed on HouseWeb for another 30 days.

Your property can only ever be renewed for 30 days from the date of renewal. For example, imagine your property was due to expire on 31st January. You decide to renew your property on the 21st January when there are 10 days remaining. Your property will only be renewed for 30 days form the 21st January (and will now expire on 20th February)  

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Why do I have to renew my property every 30 days? 

Your property will remain on the site for the duration specifed by the package you choose (see, but we ask that you renew your advert, Free of Charge every 30 days in order to keep our site up-to-date. This ensures you do not receive enquiries when your property is no longer available and none of us are wasting potential buyer's time. We all know how much effort and energy goes in to looking for property and our service to buyers needs to be of the highest standard.  

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How do I make changes to my advert?

Simply go to your "My HouseWeb" page, 

  • Sign in with your email and password
  • Click on Edit Advert.  
  • Do all the changes you need and  remember to click on "Submit Modification" to save all the changes.  
  • Any changes to your advert will take effect immediately on HouseWeb but may take up to two working days to show on other sites.   

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What do I need to do with my EPC?

All you need to do once you receive the information, is to re-create the graph from the Energy Performance Certificate on your advert. You do this in MyHouseWeb by entering the four numbers. Then you need to make the complete EPC available to serious prospective buyers if requested.

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What happens when my property is Under Offer or Sold?

Once you have accepted an offer, you will need to instruct a solicitor to deal with the legal side of selling a property. 

You should also change the heading on your advert from "For Sale" to "Under Offer" or "Sold"

To do so simply go to your "My HouseWeb" page, 

  • Sign in with your email and password
  • Click on Edit Advert.  
  • Do all the changes you need and  remember to click on "Submit Modification" to save all the changes.  
  • Any changes to your advert will take effect immediately on HouseWeb but may take up to two working days to show on other sites.   

Once your property is sold, you will need to delete your advert from the site. To do so simply go to your "My HouseWeb" page, 

  • Sign in with your email and password  
  • Click on Delete Advert. 
  • Please note that this action is irreversible  
  • Your advert will be deleted immediately from HouseWeb but can take a couple of days before stopping to appears on external sites.

You cannot delete a property that you did not submit.

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I have feedback or another question not covered here.

Please Send us a message We'd love to hear from you!

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