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The Removal Process

When the day of the move arrives, you will have the unenviable task of getting all of your possessions from A to B. Most (sane) people will leave the task to a removal company, while others may hire a van and do it themselves. Removal Companies on the Web

The following factors will influence you decision:
  • Cash.
  • Distance of the Move.
  • Quantity of Belongings.
  • Size of Certain Objects (Could you really carry that piano?).
  • Accessiblity of your New Property (narrow hallway/stairs?).

The Removal Firm

It is a good idea to approach three firms and get quotations. This will probably include a brief visit from the companies to assess your belongings. Any reputable company will do this. The quote will usually be based on expected number of hours needed to complete the move, as well as extras, such as special containers needed, carpet laying, un/packing etc.

Check to see if the quote is inclusive of VAT and includes some form of insurance covering damage to goods during transit. Expect to be charged anything from 300 upwards. Consider including a tip if you are satisfied when the removal is completed.

The DIY Route

If you are taking the DIY route, there are various things to consider. Firstly, make sure your insurance covers you for goods damaged during transit. The likelihood that something will be knocked, dropped or broken is fairly high considering the quantity of belongings that most people own. Check out HouseWeb's Packing Tips to get you off to a good start.

Ring around for a good quote on a van rental. Your driving license will be good for vans up to a laden weight of 7.5 tonnes. Check whether unlimited milage is included. It is false economy it you have to do ten trips in a van, when a removal company can do it in one, besides the fact that you will benefit from the experience of people who do it for a living.

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