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The Art of Packing

You may well laugh, but packing, (and more to the point, unpacking), can bring tears to your eyes.

It's the bit everyone dreads and can turn a move into a nightmare if not done properly. So if you don't fancy going insane trying to find that blasted bottle-opener, take a minute to read HouseWeb's Packing Tips!


  • Plan your move in advance. An extra box from every supermarket trip over time will save you a lot of hassle later on.
  • Do yourself a favour and throw out all the accumulated junk that you know will never be of use!
  • Collect packing materials early. Ask your friends to save you anything of use. (If using a Removal Firm, they will often supply you with containers). Keep hold of that stack of newspapers too.
  • Try to pack non-essential items in advance to prevent a nervous breakdown on the week of the move!


  • Clearly label all boxes (and carpets), stating which room they should go to.
  • Spread the weight of heavy items over several boxes.
  • Avoid a slipped disc... keep the weight of boxes to a minimum.
  • Make sure the boxes are easy to carry and the tops are secured.
  • Use bubble wrap and newspaper to wrap fragile items.
  • Disconnect appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers in advance.
  • Defrost freezers so they are clear of ice on the day of the move.
  • Don't pop the bubble wrap! (Oh alright, but just a few!).
  • State which boxes contain fragile items for the benefit of the removal company.
  • Take apart large items (e.g. tables) as much as possible.
  • Pack a seperate "emergency" box with things you'll need on the day before the move.


  • Open that bottle of Champagne.
  • Send in any left-over bubble wrap to HouseWeb :)

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