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 Press Reviews & Awards

Here's a selection of what the Press have said about HouseWeb.

Internet World Voted "Top Property Site"
"An excellent reference and advice section for buyers, sellers and renters."
Internet World

The Telegraph, Netlife "An indispensable resource for anyone thinking of buying and selling a house."
Richard Longhurst, Editor .net Magazine and Netlife, The Telegraph

Essential Viewing - Internet Magazine "This is a great site. Absolutely brilliant. Don't move home without it", Internet Magazine

What PC - Site of the Month "Web Site of the Month."
What Personal Computer

Sunday Times "HouseWeb is clearly laid out and offers an effective guide to the housing market"
The Sunday Times

Internet Access Award "A nationwide searchable list of properties, backed up by comprehensive information on the UK housing market and tips for selling a house. The site's also dead useful for anyone selling a house. A piffling sum in comparison to estate agent's commission."
Internet Access Magazine "Gazumped by the property circus? HouseWeb is an excellent on-line property guide offering advice on anything from the art of house-viewing to mortgages.", Frank Magazine

IRED "Lot of excellent info for buying, selling, moving and market news."

Real Estate Library - Pure Gold Award "HouseWeb has the quality and the content that we acknowledge with our “Pure Gold” Award."
Real Estate Library

Net User - 4 Star Award
Net User - 4 Star Award Net User Net User Net User
"They've thought of everything. What better place to go than HouseWeb?"
Net User

Europe's Cool Site of the Day "HouseWeb is an invaluable resource for anybody who is buying and selling their house."
Europe's Site of the Day

Top Ten, WhatsOn.Com
"HouseWeb is the UK's Bible of the property market online - you're prepared to spend hundreds of thousands already - it wouldn't hurt to check out a little free advice!"

Cool Central's Cool Site of the Day Cool Central

The Evening Standard "Plenty of good advice if you're barmy enough to be in the property market."
The Evening Standard

Hot Property - .net Magazine
"The hottest properties on the Net. Best of British."
.net Magazine

Internet Magazine "An Englishman's Castle. A useful resource of advice for first time buyers."
Internet Magazine

What Mortgage Magazine "Packed with information about buying and selling your house."
What Mortgage

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What the Papers Say

"Excellent service. Wins five stars for usability and value for money"
Sunday Times

"Pioneer of property selling online"
The Independent

Daily Telegraph

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