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Presenting your bathroom before selling your house

Link to SMR Bathrooms homepage The modern property-seeker has a far keener eye than a counterpart twenty years ago. A luxurious bathroom is increasingly becoming a necessity for many would-be buyers as fewer people are interested in renovation projects and instead seek the finished article. It is therefore tempting to try to ensure a quick sale by spending money renovating your bathroom. However, if done frivolously this could prove a costly strategy as the return may not meet the outlay. It is imperative to instead spend the renovation budget wisely to create luxury from thrift.

A quick temptation is often to head to a designer bathroom showroom to purchase some high quality fittings. However, the choice of fixtures and fittings depends on the overall value of a property. Lower value houses, when sold, will be unlikely to achieve a return on expensive, designer bathrooms, but top-end fittings are expected at the mid to top-end of the market. In such cases, brands to consider are Ultra, Crosswater and Hudson Reed (the latter of which is particularly popular at present). Those unfamiliar with Hudson Reed's range of goods can see their range here.

When choosing products, whether they are generic, low-end fittings or designer brands like Ultra it is vital to question whether such an investment will guarantee a return. The key point here is that you are not refurbishing the bathroom for yourself, it is for someone else and ultimately the purpose of the bathroom refit in this instance is to make you money. Unless you are selling in the top end of the market, only when you have found your 'forever house' should you consider installing designer fittings.

SMR's customer surveys and market research has shown a huge increase in sales of bathroom furniture intended to revamp a bathroom and increase house value prior to sale. Like choosing fixtures and fittings, though well-intended this can prove a risky strategy. The key point is to choose the right solution for the bathroom. While it is true that bathroom storage is a must for the many gels and accessories that are intrinsic to the modern bathroom, there are affordable solutions available that can reduce the margin of overall expenditure and still create a luxurious atmosphere for any viewers.

The same can be said of heating solutions. Modern bathrooms are increasingly utilising the duel-purpose functionality of heated towel rails rather than traditional radiators. In fact, such solutions are both sleek and affordable, and also exist in a range of styles to complete a bathroom space. The right choice can elevate the finished aesthetic of the bathroom in the mind of the viewer.

In terms of aesthetics, there are practical strategies that can be employed that will keep your bathroom fresh in the minds of any proposed buyers. Straightforward redecorating such as replacing grouting and sealant will give an impression of freshness to the room, as will a fresh coat of paint. Adding new, light-coloured accessories such as towels and shower curtains will also help to complete the room, while a stylish mirror will both expand the space beyond its limits and achieve an air of class.

In some cases, a significant increase to the house sale value can be achieved - although this can be dependent on a range of other factors, such as the type of house and the area in which it is situated. The old axiom of "location, location, location!" is only half true, but the other half of a successful house sale can be accomplished by understanding what it is that will help elevate your bathroom to its highest standard without breaking your budget in the process.

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