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Summer heating solutions

It may be summertime but let's be realistic; as we live in the UK it's hardly going to be in the high 20s every day. It's a good job too because as much as we whinge about the cold, wet and windy weather we complain even more when struggling against high humidity and soaring temperatures that offer little solace.

Although we spend all winter craving a delightfully sunny summer while huddled under our blankets with our electric storage heaters on full blast, by the time summer comes around we begin to appreciate the joys of the cold and would rather be tucked at home with a heater.

All joking aside, it often isn't that warm in the British summer, so you might have to resort to some sort of heating; whether it's an outdoor patio heater for the long summer evenings or an electric heater for the conservatory.

Most of us turn our central heating off during the summer to save money but that leaves us stuck when it gets a bit chilly. Electric heaters are a good alternative in the summer, as they tend to be small, lightweight and you mobile.

As you well know, the British weather is somewhat unreliable, so whilst it might have been raining and foggy in the morning, by the mid-afternoon the sun could be shining.

Electric convention heaters usually have a thermostat, so even if you've gone out, you won't use any more electricity than is necessary or return home to a house like an oven. They are probably the most popular choice for the summer as they work quickly, so you won't have to spend an hour shivering before the effects kick in.

Underfloor heating can be quite effective in rooms with tiled flooring as it saves on space and feels cosy under your feet. However, unless you're building an extension or renovating, it can be quite messy to install as the whole floor will have to be lifted.

One of the other options is an electric or oil-filled radiator. Whilst they tend to be slower at heating up and don't have as flexible a temperature control, they do also have a thermostat and retain plenty of heat once they've been turned off.

You might scoff at the thought of heating during the summer months, but in reality, there are plenty of cold days in the summer. Take a look at the Homebase electric heater range to help you make sure that you're comfortable in your home whatever the weather.

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