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 Can't see the Virtual Tour?

Here are some points to check first.
You must have a live connection to the internet.
Old System
The tours will not play with earliest versions of Internet Explorer 3 or Netscape Navigator 3 - if you have an old system such as this, please upgrade to a later browser (these are Free of Charge). Click here to go to the relevant section of the Microsoft site to download an upgrade.
Fire Wall ?
If you are behind a corporate firewall you should still be able to see the tours with no problem. Just once we discovered a client with a firewall which prevented any downloads from the internet at all - this also stopped the java applet - if you think this may be possible, either ask your IT person or email ehouse and ask us to do a test for you.
If it's not one of the problems above, the MOST likely problem is that your machine does not have a bit of software called the 'Java Virtual Machine'. Find your system in the list below to find the solution
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT 4.0
The MS Java Virtual Machine was a free download from the Microsoft site (approx 5MB), but they have recently removed it (for reasons best known to them), so you can:
Download the MS Java Virtual Machine from our server by clicking here (5.5 MB)
Windows 2000
Java is installed with your operating system, so if you can't see the tour its something else - most likely cause is that you are a corporate user and your system administrator has disabled java or blocked  it via a firewall. You need to ask your IT Administrator.
Windows XP
Early versions of Windows XP shipped with the Microsoft Virtual Machine.

In early 2003, Microsoft lost a legal case against Sun (makers of Java) and stopped including the MS Virtual Machine. Then they started again, then they stopped again ! Now it seems pretty clear that Microsoft will not ship the MS Virtual Machine again.

However this is no problem, since Java was originally developed by Sun, and you can obtain the Java Virtual Machine (they call it Java Runtime Environment) from them by clicking on this link below (and then click the 'Get it Now' button):

The download is about 2MB and then you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to install.

If you are interested in more background to the dispute from Microsoft's perspective, click below:

Java is installed as part of your operating system. It is very unlikely you are here at this page at all - but if you are, read the detailed help notes page.
You need the Java Runtime Environment. Click the link below (to the Sun website) to download it.

other problems ... 

Jerky Tour
If the tour is playing but is very jerky - closing all other windows will help.
Tried the above and still no joy
Please telephone or email us for more help - click for our details

Tel: 08700 79 80 81

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