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Is there a ‘good’ time to sell?

The arts of buying and selling have been studied for thousands of years, ever since we learned to barter and follow the laws of supply and demand. They apply to buying trinkets on a market and a sports car. Sometimes things are essential and they’ll nearly always be snapped up straight away, while other, more luxurious items are bought heavily when they fall into trend. And that includes houses.

There are a huge number of factors that affect our timing in selling a home; some of these are within our control while others are hostages to fortune or global economics. Our ages and wages are important, but so is the Bank of England interest rate and the month of the year. Therefore, is there a perfect time to sell the home? If so, these four factors might influence the decision:

Family: It largely depends on the circumstances involved, but there will be times when getting rid of a home as speedily as possible is the best scenario. If you’ve acquired a home quickly, perhaps through inheriting from a relative, you have the option of renting it out, moving into it, or selling up – and if you choose the third option you’ll probably want to get rid as quickly as possible through a company such as We Buy Any Home. It really comes down to one simple question – do you want to put work into making money from the home, or do you want to wash your hands of it now?

Seasons: Seasonal variations are a well-established aspect of selling a home. Simply put, summer and winter are worse times to sell than spring or autumn. Potential buyers have too many other things on their mind, such as Christmas and holidays, to concentrate on nightly treks to other people’s homes. Conversely, homes just look more attractive and alluring in bloom, or when the autumn dusk settles. If you have to sell in December or July, be realistic in your expectations and choose your estate agent wisely.

Time of life: The factors to be weighed up by a young family looking to move into a new home, and an elderly couple wishing to downsize, are massive. As an example, contrast the stories of Jo Peacock and Nathan Sadler, who saved costs by downsizing from a two-bed to one-bed villa in Dubai, and Julia and Mark Lloyd who did the same to send their daughter though university. Similar reasoning, but at completely different stages of lives.

Who can tell what makes a home popular at any time? Or, indeed, what will make the housing market buoyant? We’re all aware that the market is regularly described as being in ‘crisis’, with a combination of young wannabe homeowners struggling to afford deposits and a lack of suitable homes; many properties are simply out of their reach, and sellers might be aware of this. Then there’s the matter of the home itself, and whether it follows popular stylistic or architectural trends. Take a look at this piece by Elle Décor, detailing what will be popular in 2017. Bright green rooms and appliances and rooms that fold up are mentioned – would you be willing to paint your lounge and install a retractable range hood to get the sale?

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