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 Guide to Home Stager®

Need help selling your house faster? Have a question for our resident Home Stagers® stylist? Click here to visit the HouseWeb Discussion Forum.

So what is a Home Stagers® stylist?

Home Stagers® stylists provides advice and services in presenting properties to best effect to make it sell fast and for more.

What can a Home Stagers® stylist do to help me Sell?

A Home Stagers® stylist will visit your home and give you good, honest feedback on how the property 'feels', looks and appears from a buyer's point of view and make sure those photos you use on the Internet make your house look as good as possible!

The stylist should go through the four aspects of selling your home with you and determine what you need to do. If you need further assistance, or substantial repairs and improvements are recommended, the Home Stager®  stylist will be able to provide introductions to qualified trades people, from curtain makers to building repairs.

A Home Stagers®  stylist does not "doctor" your home, or advise you on "covering up" major problems. A Home Stagers®  stylist will help you to make the most of your property, to show it to it's best effect. If significant property repairs are identified, the stylist will make introductions to skilled trade services to assist you in repairs.

What Qualifications are needed?

The Home Stagers®  Network has developed the first specialist professional training programme in the UK, which is a 2-part certificate backed by independent accreditation from the Open College Network.

Why can't I / my relative / friend do it any better?

When you call in a professionally trained stylist you know that the advice given is based on proven theories and recognised methodologies, given by a qualified individual who has received specialist training. The advice given is professional, independent and honest. If you think you have what it takes to become a Home Stagers®  stylist , why not consider joining the Home Stagers® Network?

If you are selling privately, then why not consider using the agent's fee you save to add in MORE value by having your home professionally staged for sale?

Our research has shown that £100 spent on presentation can be more effective in selling a property than reducing your property price by £1,000.

When you buy, you have no option but to research your requirements yourself. You must find the neighbourhood you want, or mush contact all the independent estate agents and ask them to send you details of houses in a certain bracket. Each estate agent will interpret your needs differently, using price as the main selection.

What's the difference between a Home Stager and an Interior Design Service?

An Interior Design service will help you to personalise your home and living space for your enjoyment and comfort, whatever your taste may be.

To help you sell you must do the opposite and aim to "neutralise not personalise" your home.

A Home Stagers®  stylist  is a professional who is trained in neutralisation and provides home styling services to sell your home.

When you move to a new home, you can call on the Home Stager to stage your new home to welcome you in.

What's the difference between any other Home Staging service and Consultants who have been trained by the Home Stager® Network?

Some home staging armatures started out as fun hobbyists doing it for friends and family. They may consider they have a natural talent, and an eye for minimisation, or a little knowledge of Feng Shui, they may have an artistic background. Their friends and family have complimented them on their flair, and they have decided to set up in business for themselves. To exploit their natural talent. Their service delivery capability can be hit and miss, and the quality of services they offer will vary.

Some home staging armatures may be fully qualified Interior Designers, they may offer home staging services as part of the Interior Design practice. They use the term 'home staging' in order to catch your imagination, as the term is one that is understood by the general public. They may offer home staging services, as a loss-leader, but this is not their main focus. They are still offering the services they always have, but have simply changed the label. Again, throughout the Interior Design industry, quality of service and fees will vary.

Stylists who have been earned the Home Stagers®  professional certificate, have received specialist training and been awarded a nationally accredited professional certificate, you know that a consultant has received specialist training and uses a tried and tested methodology that really works.

What's the benefit of using a professional Home Stagers®  stylist?

You have the comfort of knowing that you have got quality advice, from a professional consultant. You know you are spending your money wisely, by focusing on the recommended areas for improvement. You know that it has worked for other people.

Our research has shown that £100 spent on presentation can be more effective in selling a property than reducing your property by £1000.

Can I get training from the Home Stager® Network?

If you are a self-motivated individual who wishes to set up in business by yourself, then with the help of a professional and supportive business infrastructure you could become a licensed service provider and undertake the Home Stager® training programme from the Home Stager® Network.

If you are an interior designer or other professional in the property industry you may also wish to consider professional training for your employees, delivered by the Home Stager® Network.

The Home Stager® Network, provides many benefits including, member support, advice and information sharing, discussion forums, discounted training opportunities, discounted resources, publishing and promotional opportunities through our range of online magazines.

Do you have a question for HouseWeb's Home Stagers®, Tina Jesson? Click here to go to the Home Stagers®  discussion forum.

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